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30th Jan 2012 - 29th Jan 2016


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Student Welfare


The welfare, satisfaction and learning aspirations of our students are important to us. Hence, as Student Member of the Institute, our students can benefit from a vibrant network of experts and peers to sharpen their competitive edge and keep abreast of the latest and the best in the knowledge and practice of HR management and issues through our free publications and special talks.

All new students will be given a comprehensive Student Handbook, which provides all administrative details with regards to payment of course fees, refund and transfer policy, class attendance, deferment, course schedule and evaluation; as well as Examination Policy & Graduation; Student Conduct; Student Protection Scheme; Government Support Schemes; SHRI Membership Privileges and other general information including contact persons, numbers and how to go about raising concerns or seeking redress as shown below.

SHRI Grievance Procedures

  • Students can use the Institute's Student Feedback / Complaint Form to formally register their feedback or complaints.

  • The Institute shall resolve the complaint within 14 working days upon receipt of the feedback. 

  • Whether formal or informal, we will ensure that student feedback/complaints are properly handled as defined in the Student Feedback / Complaint Form.

  • Feedback / Complaints received over the email will be managed using email correspondences.

  • The Institute will keep complainant informed of the status of the complaint investigation.

  • In the event that the student and the Institute are unable to resolve the dispute in accordance with the grievance procedures above, the student and the Institute
    shall refer the dispute to CASE Mediation Centre for mediation prior to instituting any legal action or proceedings.

Facilities and Equipment

  • All classrooms are equipped with speakers, LCD projector & screen and flip chart stand & papers.

  • Coffee and tea bar stocked with biscuits and beverages (complimentary for all students).

  • Vending machine for other beverages located along the corridor for the convenience of students.

  • Designated study area for students.

Teacher and Student Ratio

Our current teacher to student ratio is capped at 1: 50.


# The student and the Institute must agree to such procedures and to pay such fees as the CASE Mediation Centre may prescribe from time to time for the purpose of resolving their dispute.


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