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About School of Human Capital Management | List of Programmes

Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management with Financial Management (Top Up)
Edinburgh Napier University, UK

Programme Overview | Admission & Fees | Application | Download & Enquiry

About Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh Napier University is one of the largest higher education institutions in Scotland with almost 18,000 students worldwide. It offers industry-informed courses which combine the optimum balance of theory and practice, to equip graduates for success in today's competitive global job market. An Edinburgh Napier University degree can give you the perfect mix of personal and professional skills for a successful career in today's global market.

Edinburgh Napier University has the largest Business School in Scotland.

  • 96% UK undergraduate student satisfaction with Human Resource Management (4th highest in the UK)

  • Number one in the UK for 'the course is intellectually stimulating'

  • 2nd highest in the UK for 'Staff have made the subject interesting', 'I have received sufficient advice and support with my studies' and 'My communication skills have improved'

  • Third highest for 'The criteria used in marking have been made clear in advance' and 'Assessment arrangements and marking have been fair', National Student Survey 2013.


Programme Objective

In collaboration with Edinburgh Napier University (ENU), SHRI Academy offers a 1-year part-time top-up degree leading to the BA Human Resource Management with Financial Management award conferred the by Edinburgh Napier University. Students will be conferred the BA Human Resource Management with Financial Management degree.

This programme aims to equip HR practitioners to become more effective managers with an ability to analyse and apply financial data to improve decision-making for contribution to Human Capital Management and effective HRM practices.

Individuals graduating with a degree comprising HRM with Financial Management will be well placed to make an effectve and valuable contribution to an organisation's consideration of the strategic, financial and operational management of people.

Programme Structure and Content

This is a 12-months part-time top-up to Year 3 degree programme, which comprises 6 modules:

Modules Module Outline
Human Resource Development

  • Design, deliver and evaluate the success of a training/ learning activity, and examine learning activities such as e-learning and management development
  • Examine the concepts of the Learning Organisation and Knowledge Management
  • Evaluate the role of HRD in relation to business development and success
Managing the Employment Relationship
  • Identify issues and practices associated with the management of HRM and employment relationship
  • Examine developments in the delivery and transformation of HRM in organizations and develop a critical awareness of issues involved with, and differences between forms of employee involvement and participation
  • Analyse the management of morale, discipline, grievance, collective bargaining and consultation
Strategic Management in a Global Context (SOP09101)
  • Understand the concepts and analytical frameworks for the organization to conduct a strategic analysis, to assess its strategic choices and to implement its chosen strategy effectively
Corporate Social Responsibility (ACC10107)
  • Examine the efforts of institutions to manage environmental and sustainable issues
  • Discuss the problems of identifying, measuring and disclosing social and environmental information
  • Review corporate governance frameworks, theory and models
  • Assess current corporate governance systems in the context of accountability, social responsibility and corporate citizenship
  • Examine the theories of ethics and their applicability to business and the professionals
  • Evaluate business and professional practice from a moral and ethical viewpoint
Managerial Finance

  • Analyse published financial information
  • Apply internal financial information to the management roles of decision-making, planning and control and performance evaluation
  • Calculate and explain the significance of key ratios for assessing the financial position of the firm
  • Analyse corporate performance from an internal and an external perspective
  • Apply a range of management accounting techniques to various business situations
Organizational Change Management

  • Understand the nature of organizational change
  • Analyse frameworks for organizational change
  • Appraise the effect of culture on change processes
  • Evaluate tools and techniques used in the management of change

Each module is a 15 lecture hours and 15 tutorial hours. Lessons are conducted by ENU on-campus lecturers; Tutorials are conducted by local tutors who are experienced industry practitioners.


BA Human Resource Management with Financial Management Course Schedule Structure

Week: Module 1: Module 2:
Week 1 4 x 3-hour Lectures  
Week 2 1 x 3-hour Lecture 4 x 3-hour Lectures
Week 3   1 x 3-hour Lecture
Week 4 1 x 3-hour Tutorial  
Week 5   1 x 3-hour Tutorial
Week 6 1 x 3-hour Tutorial  
Week 7 1 x 3-hour Tutorial 1 x 3-hour Tutorial
Week 8 Submission of Assignment 1  
Week 9 1 x 3-hour Tutorial 1 x 3-hour Tutorial
Week 10   Submission of Assignment 1
Week 11 1 x 3-hour Tutorial 1 x 3-hour Tutorial
Week 12   1 x 3-hour Tutorial
Week 13 Revision Week Revision Week
Week 14 Examination/ Submission
of Assignment 2
Week 15   Examination/ Submission
of Assignment 2


Assessment Methods / Certification

Students will be assessed based on written examinations and assignments. An examination for each module will be held at the end of each trimester.


Upon successful completion, participants may pursue the Postgraduate Diploma in various specialisation from SHRI Academy.

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