• Established in 1965,  Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) is a not-for-profit professional HR body, representing a strong network of members comprising individuals and organisations. Committed to promulgating and maintaining high standards of professionalism in human resource management and development, SHRI drives the HR agenda.

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  • SHRI Academy Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SHRI Corporation Pte Ltd, is a training institution that caters to the learning and development needs of a wide variety of adult trainees and learners, both local and international. With a comprehensive training and education curriculum, SHRI Academy offers lifelong learning opportunities and a diverse range of academic programmes – from basic certificate to master degree levels under the SHRI Academy’s School of Human Capital Management. SHRI Academy also works with prestigious university partners like Edinburgh Napier University (UK) and University of Newcastle (Australia).

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  • SHRI Corporate Learning & Consultancy Hub is the training and consultancy arm of Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) focusing on enabling knowledge acquisition and skills development at both corporate and individual levels. We take pride in the growth and development of our clients and focus energy on providing practice-oriented corporate education, consultancy and certification to level up human capabilities. Our clients include government agencies, industrial bodies, corporate organizations and individuals.

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  • Our consultancy team is committed to help organisations develop their HR capabilities and best practices. We provide HR solutions which focus on people and processes to ensure business growth and sustainability. Our experienced and qualified team of consultants work with organisations to find the right approach and deliver practical and holistic solutions.

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Latest News

SHRI Membership Event
Monday , 6 July 2015

Come and be one of the first to draw insights from this Study and hear first-hand from the guru that provides powerful metrics for culture in the workplace!

SHRI Events
Thursday , 18 June 2015

View our latest event for the month of July.

Wednesday , 3 June 2015

SHRI Academy is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new part-time MBA Program, in partnership with University of Newcastle, Australia.

Thursday , 30 April 2015

SHRI CORP offers HR Consultancy Services, Public Learning Workshops and Customised Corporate Training to meet corporate and people development needs.

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